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BD30AV-UHD series is the TRUE 8K/4K HDR UHD Digital Video Audio Solid State Delay Lines without any data compression. Compatible with 8K & 4K UHD SDI & TICO/NMI IP variety of signal standards & formats.
Really the world's longest delay time, provides up to 60 seconds 8K or 720 seconds 4K HDR UHD SDI or TICO/NMI IP signals, over 2 hours HD-SDI in increments of 1 frame steps.
  1. BD30AV-UHD 8K/4K Delay Lines
    BD30AV-UHD 8K/4K Delay Lines
  2. BD30AV-UHD 8K/4K Delay Lines
    BD30AV-UHD 8K/4K Delay Lines
BD30AV UHD Series
TRUE 8K/4K HDR UHD Digital Video Audio Solid State Delay Lines without any data compression. 
Compatible with 8K/4K HDR UHD SDI, TICO & NMI IP signals with variety of signal standards formats. ...


·  Compatible with 8K/4K HDR UHD SDI signals, selectable 8K 4 x 12G, 4K 12G-SDI, 4 x 3G-SDI inputs & outputs.

·  30 seconds delay time for 8K/4K HDR UHD-SDI as the standard model. Maximum up to 60 seconds 8K delay time or up to    
    720 seconds 4K delay time as the option.

·  Built-in 4K UHD Frame synchronizer built-in, Gen lockable.

·  Provides up to 16 channels AES/EBU embedded UHD SDI signal input & output.

·  Provide BYPASS feature on the front panel to cancel the delay.

·  Provides RJ-45 with SNMP V1.0.

·  Optional with audio offset feature to compensate the system lip Sync.

·  Optional bi-direction conversion feature between 4K 12G-SDI & 4 x 3G-SDI signals.

·  Optional for the second channel of HDR UHD SDI signal as the back up channel signal input & seamlessly switched out.

·  Option feature of 8K/4K TICO IP data input & output with 10G SFP+  I/Os.

·  Option feature with up to 4 x SFP28 IP I/Os.

·  Option feature to support SMPTE 2110 with VSM, SMPTE 2022-6, & SMPTE 2022-7 hitless failover.  

·  Option with the stand alone remote control unit.

·  Optional for HDMI I/Os.